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Many HR consultants offer a theory-only approach to diversity and inclusion that often doesn’t help, and at times, makes things worse by creating cultures of resentment and tokenism. With a blend of insight gained from data and my leadership experience, I meet you where you are on your gender journey to help create a high-performing environment where everyone can be themselves, belong and win, together.


Gender-inclusive workforces aren’t only politically correct, they’re profitable. According to McKinsey’s report, “Diversity Matters”, companies in the top quartile for gender, racial and ethnic diversity are “more likely to have financial returns above industry medians.” But despite nearly 30 years of focused diversity initiatives, the modern workforce remains unbalanced when it comes to true inclusivity in executive decision-making and representation at the most senior levels. In terms of title and pay, women in business start out equal to men but drop off at each level: only 22 percent of senior vice presidents are women, and of those, a mere 21 percent are in revenue-generating roles which lead to the C-suite.

The world is changing, women and family dynamics are changing, and it’s time the workplace does, too. Empowered by the Times Up and MeToo movements, women are expecting and demanding progress at work in the way of flexible environments, mentorship, unbiased performance management, pay parity, improved parental leave and a safe workspace where they can be themselves and belong. Impermeable stereotypes and implicit biases continue to create barriers. Not enough women have a seat at the table, and those who do, often don’t have enough of a say. And without women in decision-making positions at the highest level, things will not change.


Developed by former CFO and Big 4 partner Beth Schiavo, The Gender Plan is an impact-oriented methodology that helps businesses harness the power of a gender-inclusive workforce to drive progress and profits. 

With empathy and insight gained from almost 30 years of leadership experience as a woman climbing the corporate ladder, Beth works with executive leaders and their teams, in collaboration with HR, to take away the taboo-factor by focusing on the facts. From data-driven discovery to custom plan design and implementation, Beth helps organizations move from a compliance, programmatic approach to diversity to implementing impactful, sustainable changes that start at the top. 


Data Driven – A diverse workplace isn’t only politically correct, it’s profitable. As a CFO, I know the numbers don’t lie, and I know that the bottom line is always top of mind. I will leverage your company’s HR data to uncover opportunities and help you take the steps towards a more inclusive, high-performing organization.


Experience Led – As a female executive in male-designed and dominated corporate environments, I know the workplace challenges women face, and I know ways to solve them. It's not cheesy videos or mandatory programming, it's listening, engaging, mentoring and clearing a path for success.


Impact Oriented – Genius is in the idea, and impact comes from action. What good is a plan if it’s not actionable? I will partner with your HR and leadership team to design a custom plan and oversee its implementation delivering high impact, short-term fixes and sustainable cultural change to help you meet your goals.  


Holistically Designed – A company begins to tell the story of its culture during the recruiting process, and that story continues each day through the life cycle of the employee. From recruiting, onboarding and performance management to career development, team building and executive coaching, I will design a holistic plan that brings together every piece of the employee experience for women.