My vision is a workforce that works for everyone. Where women know their value and have opportunities to show it. Where they can be themselves, unafraid of being labeled, misunderstood or ignored. Where men and women aren’t treated equally but are valued equally. Where gender inclusion is not an initiative, but a cornerstone of company culture and brand DNA. Where men aren’t seen as part of the problem, but integral co-leaders of the solution. Where business leaders understand that valuing people equally isn’t only politically correct, it’s profitable. Where the gap between a vision and reality is closed thanks to plans that leverage diversity and inclusion to drive progress and performance. 

The world is changing, and so are women’s expectations. I believe when barriers come down, women’s voices and contributions will rise, and the whole world will be better for it. Gender parity at work is within reach, and now is the time to plan for it.


Beth Schiavo doesn’t believe in putting people in boxes nor does she fit in one herself. On a mission to help women amplify their voices at work and help businesses grow by hearing them, she is an executive coach, inclusion specialist and financial strategist with almost 30 years of experience leading businesses and fostering talent within them. As a former Big 4 audit partner, CFO, community leader and working mom, Beth experienced firsthand the barriers that come with being a woman in a male-designed and dominated workforce. After observing micro-aggressions towards women, including herself, as an executive, she made a pivot towards her passion as founder and CEO of The Gender Plan, workplace inclusion strategies that drive progress for women and profits for the businesses that value them. 

Whether she’s coaching a female SVP on how to lead authentically, helping a company uncover recruiting biases or prepping a high-growth start-up for an IPO, Beth brings a combination of financial acumen with proven team-building and development skills to foster discussion and drive sustainable change and growth.

Beth was named a “Woman of Excellence” by the Atlanta Business to Business magazine for her combination of business leadership and community service and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Girls Scouts of Greater Atlanta, the Audit Committee for The Woodruff Arts Center and is a member of the United Way Tocqueville Society. She is a CPA and a member of the AICPA and graduated from Virginia Tech and the Executive Leadership Program at the Kellogg School of Management. She holds a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell ILR School. 

When she’s not working to change the world one woman and workplace at a time, you can find her at home in Decatur, GA with her husband, two energetic kids, a glass of pinot noir and a coloring book.